Current Occupation?

Barber and Archivist

Which era influences your style the most?

My fascination lies in the era of Vaudeville. It was sparked in college when a professor brought in some early 1900’s Jazz & Blues recordings; they blew me away.

It was a curious time (approx. 1881-1932) when live entertainment was the primary form of entertainment– there was NO radio or television, and talking pictures wouldn’t take off until 1927!

How has your style evolved the most?

I buy my own fabric in Manhattan, but have most of my suits custom made.  However, when you start to acquire old weekend and leisure wear you know you’ve become an eccentric…

Whose style has influenced your own?

I grew up watching a lot of early MGM musicals with my father– especially Gene Kelly. I always thought he was as dashing as Fred Astaire. He liked to put his stamp into the floor when he moved as opposed to Fred’s weightless dancing.

I love old comedies as well, anything Neil Simon, Marx Bros, or Woody Allen related.

Do your tattoos influence how you build your daily look?

I never consider my tattoos when getting dressed, they’re part of me. My friends in middle school would have all these lame pictures of blondes and fast cars posted on their wall, I would hang up the girls with tattoos.

People say tattoos aren’t ‘old school’, but they were surprisingly huge during the 1890’s. A lot of the middle and upper class even sported them.

The sideshow performers would avoid getting their hands and necks done though to blend in a bit more with society. They also didn’t want to give away their bread and butter by revealing their adorned skin for free..

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